Technology & Promotion

Technology & Promotion

hiPSC Technology & Drug Screening Platform

LumiSTAR Biotechnology focuses on development of various drug screening platforms for pharmaceutical and CRO companies. We have been committed to accelerate drug development process. Our core technologies are various optical genetically-encoded reporters (with different detection dynamic ranges), which can be incorporated with iPSC or disease-model cell lines for real-time monitoring how the cellular physiology influenced by testing drugs. LumiSTAR’s drug screening platform can apply on phenotypic screening, drug discovery, toxicity testing, and precision/personalized medicine.

Issues on current drugs discovery & development

Preclinical TestingDrug DiscoveryClinical TrialPhase I, II & IIIApprovalbyFDA95% of the drugs entering human trials FAILOnly 0.1%of drugs survivedAdapted from Seyhan, A.A. 2019LumiSTARstechnology on drug screening & toxicity testing can further reduce the failure rate.

LumiSTAR's Technology

Genetically Encoded Probes All-optical manipulations, can be used with a range of cell models and support high throughput, high content screening and detectionHuman Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (hiPSC)Can be used in disease modelsModelDetection MethodologyLumiSTARDrug Screening Platform



LumiSTAR is helping reduce the use of experimental animals