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About Us

LumiSTAR Biotechnology

About LumiSTAR

LumiSTAR Biotechnology is an expert in designs of a range of protein-based indicators for cellular dynamics measurements. Our expertise includes photochemistry, induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology, optogenetic tools and regenerative medicine. All of these technologies are packaged into an all-optical platform for phenotypic screening, drug discovery, and toxicity testing; the long-term goal is for precise/personal medicine. This high content platform enables customers to do their drug screening tasks in a more efficient and economical way. We offer a variety of functional assays for different disease modelling; customization service is also available. 

The goal of LumiSTAR is to boost pharmaceutical industry and precise/personal medicine service by its niche of development of different luminescent/fluorescent proteins. This technology can also apply to bioluminescence/auto-luminescence products for green energy. We have a strong research team, and a close network in academia with world-leading research groups from Canada, UK, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan. We also collaborate with industries in device and medicine.   

Our team is passionate about great science, innovating products and platforms to help pharmaceutical industry make their research faster, easier, and cheaper.