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  • Various functional cells can be produced from blood sample by reprogramming and differentiation
  • Functional cells are exploited for organ regeneration


  • Easy for expansion
  • Excellent ability for differentiation
  • Support autologous and allogeneic treatments
  • Flexible for genetic modifications

Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells ( hiPSC ) Blood hiPSC PBMCs NK cells for cancer therapy Neuron Cells Cardiomyocytes Renal Cells CRISPR editing or viral transfer methodology Genetic modification of iPSC Reprogramming Differentiation

LumiSTAR Cell Therapy Pipelines

Contract Development and Quality Control Platform:  

  • Contract development service for cell differentiation
  • iPSC bioimaging functional testing for quality control of differentiated cells in different batches

Cell Therapy Pipelines:

Chronic Fibrosis (FIPS - i , FIPS - KP, FIPS - Ex ) Parkinsons Disease (NIPS - DN) iPSC Immune Cells (CIPS - NK)