Team Introduction


張郁芬 博士


  • 英國牛津大學 British Heart Foundation 研究員 (2013‐2016)
  • 日本學術振興會 (JSPS) 特別研究員 (2011‐2013)
  • 日本北海道大學生命理學博士 (2008‐2012)

Research expert: iPSC technology, regenerative medicine, designs of bio‐sensors & physiological indicators, optogenetic platform, genetically encoded tools

Dr. Chang worked on projects of development of a variety of luminescent and fluorescent protein-based indicators during her PhD, which can be used in cellular dynamics measurements and real-time tumor tracking. She was awarded the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship in 2011 to incorporate these indicators into optogenetic tools for studies of neutrons and developing more advanced imaging technology/platform. Her research results were published in several high-impact journals. She has rich experience both in luminescent and fluorescent proteins, and is the first scientist in the world, achieving a breakthrough to use video rate for recording single cell luminescent imaging. She also designed the brightest luminescent proteins in the world, which can be used in in-vivo imaging and auto-luminescent plants. Later, she was awarded a research grant from BHF (2013-2016) to support her research in John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford University, where all of her developed technologies were integrated together for applications in drug screening and clinical research. She was also frequently invited to give talks in Japan and Taiwan for her research and viewpoints on future technology.