Team Introduction


鍾敏玟 博士

  • 英國牛津大學 Clarendon Scholar (2011‐2015)
  • 英國牛津大學無機化學博士 (2011‐2015)

Research expert: photochemistry, spectroscopy, bioinorganic chemistry, designs of unique spectroelectrochemical technique, material science and computational chemistry

Dr. Chung worked on projects of fundamental study of excited-state proton transfer reactions of small organic molecules and photophysical properties of a series of 2nd and 3rd-row transitional metal complexes during her master degree, which are related to the basic principles of fluorescent and luminescent proteins and their applications in bio-imaging. Her research results (during 2008-2011) were published in a number of  high-impact journals, and thus was awarded a fully funded scholarship (Clarendon Scholarship) to pursue her PhD in University of Oxford, UK in 2011. During her PhD, she focused on studies of metalloproteins and development of unique spectroelectrochemical approaches for in-situ measurements. After completion of her PhD, she moved to Academia Sinica (Taiwan) as a postdoctoral research fellow to develop H2 production catalysts and their incorporation with nanomaterials. Her expertise in photochemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, computational chemistry and material science plays an important role in development of our biotechnology products.